?WHIP w/ Paneling Tools & imports from Sketchup?

Hello Community
1st post here,

I’m learning Rhino to further realize a project I started in Sketchup.
So far I’ve enjoyed the process of getting up and running and sort of B-lining for the functionality I’m looking for- I hope to branch out more later. Haven’t touched grasshopper yet.

I’m on the MAC WIP to access PT’s - Trying to panel a 3D pattern- The module was built in Sketchup - all the components seem to be in order as blocks though am having problems running the ptpanel3dcustom command - is this a bug or something wrong with my input or that I imported the sketchup file the wrong way? (I dropped it in the window) - If the 3D command is run it doesn’t do anything - if 2D (ptpanelgridcustom) it crashes.

The tileing pattern - the green rectangle is a refrence.

This is how it tiles

What is the best way for importing / adapting sketchup files considering they are all planar panels in 3D arrangements (with nested blocks) ?

My other big related question: Is it possible to specify that certain lines from the panels don’t bend/curve when they are paneled (or something like Cage Edited)? For my purposes the length & angles can change while the lines must remain straight.

This is a test tile to be panneled on a ellipsoid

When the tile is mapped to the grid the lines curve, this is an extreme example but notice allot of tiles not near the hemespheres are also bent slightly

These two questions have me stumped the most for now.

Any pointers are highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


@rajaa Can you please help with this one?

Hi @Lu_Dae
Can you share the Rhino file? (.3dm). This way I can run it here and see what is going on.

Thanks for response!

@rajaa I sent the file direct - If anyone would like the file please DM me about it. The project isn’t ready to be made public quite yet.

The issue ere is that you are using blocks. PT cannot deform a block, so you need to explode it first.
One exception is when you use ptOrientToGrid, and only select base, x & y (no 4th point). It will simply orient and array the block along the grid. I hope that helps.