PanelingTools new version released

Hi all,
Just released a new version of PanelingTools. You can get the changes for Windows through the PackageManager command (get PanelingTools version 03-01-2021). For the Mac, it should become available with the next Rhino for Mac release.

Some of the changes included in this release:

  • You should be able to access the toolbars (found through “Tools>Toolbar Layout” menu in Rhino)
  • Fixed ptPolar2D component in PT-Grasshopper
  • Fixed options selection bug in ptPanel3D command
  • Updated ptPlanar and ptPolar and ptPolar3D components to allow variable distances and angles. You can now input a list of distances.



Published another version today (March, 2, 2021)
Here are the added features/fixes:

  • Added support to circular input of index to ptRow and ptCol components. For example, it is now possible to enter -1 to extract the last row or column in a grid.
  • Added support to divide by the remainder length on surface in ptSrfDomLen ptSrfDomChord components in GH and in ptGridSurfaceDomainLength and ptSurfaceDomainChord commands in Rhino.
  • Fixed a crash when input zero distance to divide a surface by length or chord.


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