PanelingTools Plugin Available for Rhino 6 Beta

I’m pleased to share that PanelingTools plugin for Rhino and Grasshopper is now available for Rhino 6.0 Beta (Windows 64 only). Please download and give it a try. Let me know if you have any trouble installing, or if you have any questions or feedback.

Below is the direct download link of the PanelingTools installer. Simply double click the installer file and follow the prompts to install. You can access the toolbars using the Toolbars Rhino command (PanelingTools should show on the list).
Download PanelingTools for Rhino 6 Beta from here…

What’s new:

  • PanelingTools is now compiled against the public Rhino 6 SDK. This will help with quick updates and improvements independent of the Rhino release cycle.
  • Paneling data is compatible between Rhino 6 Beta and Rhino 5.
  • ptGridExtrude1 allows defining a rotation base point when you set a rotation axis (from point becomes the base).
  • Fixed the paneling of partial patterns when the grid does not extend far enough to accommodate a full unit pattern.
  • ptWeaveGrids has now an option to weave by columns. It used to support weaving by row only.
  • Writing a reading managed patterns was re-written.

Coming soon:

  • Embed patterns created with ptManage2DPatterns, and ptManage3DPatterns commands inside the file.
  • Add options to ptGroupSimilarPanels

For documentation and older downloads of PanelingTools, please visit the PanelingTools Wiki…

Rajaa Issa
Robert McNeel & Associates

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Good news. But still waiting for the RhinoMAC Grasshopper component.

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@Macuso are you using the RhinoMac WIP? If so, PanelingTools should be in Grasshopper.

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Yes I’m using the latest RhinoMAC WIP but seems that the Panelling Tools toolbar is missing from Grasshopper.


Seems that I missed to install this:

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Yes. PT for the Mac is only a command line at this point.

I need to build a component using VisualStudio for MAC that have one of the dependencies “PanelingToolsDotNet”.

In the header of the file it is a line:

using PanelingTools;

It is possible to fix this dependencies on a Mac environment?

Can you share the component? You probably just need to delete the dependency, and load it again pointing to the right location on your Mac.

Got-it. I found the “PanelingToolsDotNet.dll” in my RhinoMAC Grasshopper folder.

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Is there an update version for the latest Rhino v6 ? Could not install the above version

thank you


Here you go: