Grid and panel a poly surface in rhino or grasshopper

Hi im looking for some help. i have tried searching the forum watching youtube tutorials etc. and i just cant find an answer. All i want to do is create paneling grid that wraps my poly surface for a mockup for a painting. I have tried adding a texture as a material with just didnt work, i tried adding additional isocurves but couldn’t get that working.

Finally i used paneling tools and got pretty close but was having to explode the poly surface then panel them individually. the problem is now the panel grids dont line up across edges more could i get them to line up. Is there an easy way to apply a panelled grid that wraps an entire poly surface in rhino or possibly grasshopper?

Any advice gratefully recieved.

Hmmm - as far as I can see the lines to line up across the face edges to complete the grid - that is they can be extended to meet one another at the edges, say by using Connect. That is obviously a tedious business but it should work.You can DupFaceBorder or ExtractWireframe to get the surface edge curves. Do you need the grid as a whole or do you need each cell to have its own four segments separate from the others?


They do the problem is when i try and then panel on the top side, the 2 sides of the shape grids don’t align, so when i try to match the top with the 2 sides they dont align. I was hoping there might be a global type grid solution??

Thanks for your response, i dont know if my explanation is making any sense??