Which export option and exactly what settings to use for unknown CAD user Architect?

I am told that my work will need to be passed onto an architect, who I dont know.
What export option do I use and exactly what settings do I select (as they will make or break what I do no doubt !!!) to achieve the following :-

  1. Keep my layers and names so they can be turned off/on and reveal/hide the objects as I can ?
  2. Keep the layer colouring which the objects also have ( objects use layer colours is my method of working)
  3. Dimensions retain their visible size same as I see them, no microscopic dims and arrows
  4. Text and leaders viewable as I see them size wise. If on red layer then in red etc.
  5. Ortho views and perspective view

I dont think the original Autocad, if he/she has that, does a rotate 3D, as it doesnt do surfaces etc, or does it nowadays ?



1 and 2 should be no problem with any flavor of .dxf or .dwg.
3, 4 and 5 are not guaranteed under any circumstances with any file format, unless it’s Rhino to Rhino or OtherCAD to OtherCAD.

Send a .pdf file with the Rhino file to show them how it “should” look.

Hi, Thanks.
1 and 2 good news.
So they have to fiddle with dims style, bit like I have to when opening dxf from Autocad, Could nt even see the dims to alter them !
SelDim found them.

I presume I need to tell them the units my rhino file is using when exporting as dxf.



I come to do this and meet with a list, do I choose R12 natural, or 2004 natural, or default or what ?

I have had to take a punt on this chose R12 for dxf and also dwg.

sent them off.
I open them into rhino V5 and cannot see surfaces just a complete mess of isocurves which is impossible to work with . In V4 and also V5.

This was so important to get right and why I asked in advance.

Should rhino open these and show surfaces, a brick wall as we know it and not a forest of lines ?

This is fundamental stuff , getting a critical file wanted urgently to someone else.