Exporting my rhino file to autocad

I am new to using rhino and I am trying to have my first creation made. The machine shop I am dealing with uses Autocad 2000. I send my file, saved as .dwg. They can see the drawing in a wireframe format, but it is not functional. They have asked for all the dimensions so they can re-draw the whole project.

Is their version of Autocad too old to read a rhino file? Is there a sequence that I could have my project saved so that it would be backwards compatible for them?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Bigtime,

Have you selected the ‘2004 Solids’ option when exporting your DWG?


Hi Shawn- what does ‘not functional’ mean exactly? Scale wrong? Is it 3d or 2d? Are they looking for meshes or lines/curves only?


Hi Pascal,

I sent two of the layers to them, one of the completed project, so they could visualize the final project, and another layer which has all of the individual pieces laid out flat as if on the ‘ground level’ plane.

I was thinking that they could take the 3D layout and rotate the view in autocad the same way I rotate it in Rhino. I also expected that they should be able to check and add any dimensions they would like. They say they can’t.

It has occurred to me to go and see what they have to work with on their computer, from what I have sent them (as the machine shop is local), but since I last used Autocad, it was version 11, I am sure they know what they are doing to a greater degree than I

One thing to check is that you had the ‘Color by AutoCAD index’ property checked in your export scheme. Caught me out once (only once), where the workshop were looking at a blank screen as the linework was black in Rhino and stayed that way…

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Thanks David,
I did not make that selection. I’ll try that and re-send the drawing.

Thanks BrianM,
Just to be sure, Do I want it checked the way you show it in the screen shot, or do I want Color by AutoCAD index checked?

Color by Acad index is the one you want to check, although the one in the screenshot is the Rhino default, you’ll need to change it for AutoCAD if you are using any black linework.

Are you sure that they can work with 3D at the machine shop? They may be using Autocad 2000 LT. From what I can recall, that can view 3D files, but can’t do much else with them. It’s not uncommon for machine shops to be restricted to working with 2D files.

If that is the case, you’ll need to create 2D drawings of your model in Rhino, using either Layouts or Make2D, then dimension those.


I’ll check on that as well, thanks