Exporting Rhino Layer State to AutoCAD - visibility issues

Hi everyone! Can you help us out with this one?: We are saving 2d Rhino files to DWG / DXF and have the problem that layers that are made invisible turn out to be visible in AutoCAD after being saved as DWG / DXF. We use Rhino Layouts with quite a number of details and use Layer State to have the perfect picture. When we save the Rhino files as DWG or DXF the functionality of the Layer States disappear. Any suggestions? Thanks a million!

Screenshot? or example files?

If I remember correctly, after exporting DWG to AC from Rhinoceros, the layer does exist but the layer name will be different with additional word strings.

Hello KevJin,
Thanks for your answer. You are correct the names of the layers change. But we don’t consider that a problem in this case. The behaviour in terms of visibility after exporting / saving as’ is what bothers us. Our clients mostly use AutoCAD and therefore we need to be able to make a perfect export to DWG or DXF. Now we end up with correct lines, arcs etc. but we need certain blocks or lines to remain invisible. And now everything keeps appearing in AutoCAD when it should not.

ExampleLayersRhinoSavedAsDWG.dwg (16.8 KB)
ExampleLayersRhino.3dm (39.5 KB)

Yeah…that is the problem. I had this problem before. I think you will have to stuggle through this problem. Both software are not 100% integrated… You should report problems in a new topic.