Rhino to Revit workflow - exporting height information as dwg

I’ve tried a few days now setting up a workflow that let me use my Rhino model in Revit.
In the model I have both 3D objects for buildings (closed polysurfaces), 2D curves, both opened and closed representing roads and contours for height (which are adjusted to the correct height in z).

I want to export the the model as dwg with height information. I’ve tried 2004 lines, 2004 polylines but when I import it in Revit it is totally flat. I’ve also tried to export it as 2004 Solid but the solids show up as broken (some surfaces are gone) in revit.
Should I export the Closed Polysurfaces and the curves separate? As different file formats? Would really appreciate some help here.

I’ve looked through a ton of tutorials but I can’t get it to work. I’ve seen people importing CAD siteplans into Revit. I thought I could do something similar with Rhino.
Also tried to export the model as .sat-file and import it to CAD and thinking it would be possible from thereon to export it to Revit. Couldn’t get it to work.

have you tried modeling surfaces and inserting the .3dm file in revit? Revit has been able to insert .3dm the last several releases i believe.

thanks for the reply. Yes i’ve tried this but it doesn’t export the 2d lines just the solids. And some of the solids disappear - the solids that have roofs that tilt are are gone or the surface is removed and made flat

you mean importing the model file from rhino to revit? and exporting the curves from there?

I would think for 2D/3D linework, an Autocad export from Rhino would suffice.

the problem is that i dont know any good method of closing the edges along the border. Too much work to do them all.