Which Cplane method to stop ortho resets from altering view?


Top view sees aircraft heading not quite due west, I use set Cplane by X axis on points 1 then 2 and all is now heading ok, I can work perp on aircraft etc in ortho views.
However if I have need to set any of the orthos to their namesake, they lose the alignment, e.g top sees aircraft on its original west soth west alignment etc.

What is the correct way of setting Cplane to make aircraft head west, top view still a top of aircraft view etc and keep him doing so after ortho view resets ?

I worked my way through world views but none bring it back.
Aircraft_crude Cplane test.3dm (268.7 KB)


I wouldn’t try to mess with overriding built-in names of view / cPlane combinations. You can either save your cPlanes and get them back with NamedCPlane or save named views that also set the cPlane.
My .2

You mean if I lose an ortho view, get it back by reverting to Cplane I am currently running…


name each view after cplane is created to get that view back.

I have need of 6 cplanes, each has 3 orthos, so thats 6 x 3 = 18 saves to do.

After creating a Cplane, I wanted a left view and I had Right, I altered view to left and got not the flip hrz of what I had been looking at but another view. I then had to revert to the Cplane I had just created again, and that left view was now the flip hrz of the right. I wish the orthos would stay put as they appear when cplane first made !

Some way of telling rhino to keep them that way should one need to choose left when it says right, or bottom when it says top.


Hi Steve- if you need an ortho view of a CPlane, the Plan command will get you that.


And using the universal cPlane will then take care of front and right ortho.

Hi, I have Cplane set to Universal.
I have set my aircraft in the test using set Cplane by X axis command giving me the third window set of my image,
I then decide I want to see RIGHT view not LEFT view, so make that window RIGHT and the aircraft is now no longer seen as perfect view fwd, i.e I see some of the red planar sheet and its side.

With Right view active, I type Plan and hit enter, nothing happens. No options appear, simply nothing.

How does one use Plan command to get the LEFT view to be as RIGHT view was but of aircraft rear end ?

What did I do wrong ?