Restoring a cplane fails to see anything happen

I have saved three cplanes, all of which fail to see any change happen when selecting them, either via the save cplane box or in the cplane drop down list. I seem to recal hopping in and out of them the other day. and seeing changes happen on screen.
I am in the default view at the mo, but unable to go to a saved cplane.

I have relaunched Rhino but no joy.

Furthermore creating a new planar sheet on my object sitting at 2 oclock on my circular item, then using cplane three point on it sees nothing happen in ortho views, only in perspective view do I see the grid aligned, yet in the past ortho views would change. setting top to top, etc doesnt make any difference, also world top sees no change.


Perhaps the CPlane changing but the view is not? If you have Universal Cplanes set, the view updates when you change a CPlane, if you are using Standard CPlanes, only the CPlane changes, the view stays the same.


Hi Sampage,

sounds like the reason !

I go to views in properties but see no options for universal though
Now to find where that is set. View seems the obvious place, wish properties had a search engine !


Rhino Options -> Modeling Aids -> Construction planes

Hi, you just beat me to it, and yes, I see changes :smile:
Is there a way to set such things to be default so whenever I open a new rhino project they happen ?

I also always have perspective view properties set to parallel, allows deeper accurate zoom etc, yet each time I restore perspective view its back to perspective.

I also would like to have my custom dimensions always there at the start, not have to bring them in.

No doubt its in level 1 somewhere, when I get to ever have time to start my longed for re-reading.


You might try under Rhino Options -> General -> Command Lists: Run these commands every time Rhino starts

_NoEcho _-Options ModelingAids CPlanes=Universal Enter Enter

Rhino Options -> View -> Named Views, clear the check mark for Named views set projection.

Create a file the way you would like it to open, save it, then under Rhino Options -> Files -> Template files, point the Default to the file you just saved.