Ortho View how to make view upside down?

Is it possible to have an option for an ortho view to be upside down ?

All my dims notes and pics are with item belly up, but creating it its right way up, so it would be useful to have e.g. right view as ‘right upside down’ at times.

else I have to hold my notes upside down then I cant read the dims and lose the mental image of it I am used to.


Hi Steve - the Plan command, or SetView CPlane Top will look at the cplane with X off to right. If you set up a cplane so that it makes sense with your dims, you can run one of these commands and save a named cplane and named view.


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I run Plan command and the view remains same though objects and axes moved a bit across screen to left.
I try for SetView and choose top and the same thing happens.

neither puts the view upside down as such.