Custom Cplane ortho views ok as long as I dont choose right when view left etc


One is unable to alter or reset the ortho view in custom Cplane.

Lets say I have a custom cplane made using three points method for a house roof,
Right view sees a sloping house, top view the perp view of the roof.

I however want a left view, I alter right view to left view and end up with an upright house in that view.

If I alter Tp view to Top, it ceases to be the useful perp view onto roof, I can now see down the chimney stack !

Left view house should still slope as I am looking at house roof perp on with my custom cplane. so as to have the ortho views give me a set of views befitting that.

How do I keep top left right and so on as the peculiar angle views of the house


(Pascal Golay) #2

The Plan command might be what you’re after here, it’s hard to tell. SetView CPLane Left, etc. Or, possibly, set Universal CPlanes, in Options > Modeling Aids.



Hi Pascal,

I thought I had explained it well but the attached storyline top to bott jpg of my quest and problem will now clarify things.

How to choose Back or Bott or Top if I mess up the view or simply wish to see back of house and have the odd angles still showing, as opposed to end up with standard Cplane views again.

I am sure others also get this and wonder what now.