When will Rhino get an updated Orbit+Navigation System?

here’s a cap showing clicking in “air”. note the pink edges and point is selected. it looks like it is picking the closest geometry to the point and using it for the center.

Interesting, thanks… somehow I like the idea of using the vp center in that case, but… you know best.


thank you for listening. this has been THE major annoyance for me in Rhino since v4. i always just thought i was weird or making an issue out of nothing.

if you all can look into it and compare the two and kinda get the same behavior in Rhino, I think a lot of people would be very happy. everyone must be dealing with the same issues but just accept it as Rhino’s flavor.

thank again, i look forward to seeing if you can come up with something.:slight_smile:


i agree

I played around with it a little more.

-If you click on air close to the model, it will snap to the closest point of the model and use that as the orbit center. There must be some threshold for this, but I don’t know what it is.

If you click on air far enough away from the model I believe it will use the model origin as the orbit center.
Hope this helps.


all this talk is getting me excited that we might see a new navigation option.

Currently Ctrl+Shift+RMB orbits around the point on geometry under cursor, if that’s what you are after.
(vs. just RMB that rotates around current camera target, with may seem arbitrary).
A while ago I proposed an option switch to make that mode (Ctrl+Shift+RMB) a default option as a toggle…


word from an architect here: please make this only optional! When working on a huge architecture model i like having my center set on a strategically selected object beforehand…

under-cursor centering is horrible when starting over an opening or whatever and it orbits you out of the building a half light speed because it hit a wall 200 meters down the hall

edit: what would be nice and is implemented in max and blender is ‘orbit active object’ - that way you can trazan yourself through interiors nicely…

This you can do now, if I understand, sort of indirectly, if Gumball is on, but setting that in the Gumball options.


you nailed it! why isn’t this an option. that’s exactly what i think we are talking about. my god, that feels so much better.

@pascal did you catch jarek’s reply?

It was logged here: (thanks @Pascal)

but I would not hold my breath as it’s slated for “future”… :wink:

I use my own plugin for precise view navigation and enhanced keyboard shortcuts with clearly defined pivot point for orbit, zoom and even dolly zoom, and it was really amazing how much productivity boost I got out of it, even after working in Rhino for a long time and thinking I know most of the tricks. Now got used to it and can’t imagine going back to “normal” Rhino mode when having to refocus pivot or target position took a lot more clicks per minute.



Thanks @Jarek, that’s it. Only with Mac it is command+shift+RMB - that’s what confused me.

Is there a way to chance the navigation shortcuts?

Sorry, I don’t think there is a way as most of these are hard-coded in Rhino.

very cool, i’m going to check this out! ty

Hi Pascal, as a side note, the “VP center” rotation (and what’s probably confusing and problematic) is based on camera target position. Yes, it is always in the view center, but could be either close to the model area you are interested in, or two miles away and in that case the rotation jumps far into space…
In the plugin I mentioned above I use to enhance the navigation experience I have a one-key shortcut that changes the camera target distance based on the point on object currently under the cursor - basically having a Camera-Target line, and finding a point on that line closest to the point under cursor to re-target. That way the VP center orbit point is always “roughly” close to what I am interested in, even without a need to orbit around specific non-center pivot.

There are also two buggy things with the Ctrl+Shift+RMB rotation feature (@Mikko):

  1. it does not work in non-Perspective projection (out of plan, axon-like views) - why not?
  2. Try while being in Perspective view turn on the camera points for the current view (_Camera _Show) - when the camera is on, trying to Ctrl+Shift+RMB to rotate around cursor gets all jumpy and unusable.


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nice plugin, you always make the best quality plugins.

unfortunately i’m dependent on middle mouse popup. :frowning:

Hi Jarek -

We had that on the list at the time as RH-4442 (internal only) and your vote was added.

We have this one as RH-49751 and I added this thread to the comments.

It’s always possible that no-one asked for this until now - added as RH-60527.


Funny, Rhino user for many, many years and didn’t realize that Ctrl+Shift+RMB would give me model navigation very similar to SolidWorks. Thanks for the tip, I will be using this a lot. Not very discoverable but happy to know about it.


RH-60527 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate