SpaceMouse orbiting around center object

I am trying out the spacemouse by 3DConnexion and have encountered a small problem: Lets say you want to orbit around a small specific area/object in the model.
The normal mouse approach would be to select the object and type ZS. Then the camera orbits around that object.
In Windows Rhino, you can set the spacemouse in such a way, that it automatically finds a “zs” target when orbiting around. However in Rhino Mac I could not find that option. Is it hidden somewhere, or is not implemented yet?
The video attached shows the wanted behavior

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you are not looking for this? it at least may fulfill what you need. works of course only when you activate the object first.

Hey, yeah I am actually already using that option (awesome tool btw), but it should be possible to do that without clicking on the object.
Normally the spacemouse navigation automatically finds the center object and orbits around it… in windows there is an option to turn that on

hmm yeah that would be fancy, not aware that we would have such an option on windows. my space mouse is getting dusty since years, could not get the hang of it… it seemed a good presentation tool but while working and having to enter commands anyway, it did not seem such a big time saver to me.

maybe @wim knows something

I’ve been using the space mouse on Mac rhino for some years now.
the thing is that Windows Version has [if I remember correctly] a plugin from 3Dconnexion that give some extra functionalities. they haven’t yet made a Mac version, and maybe we should all ask them.
I use zoom target often to reorient the rotation and also when zooming too close and the camera appears stuck.


Thanks for your answers! :pray:t3:

I used a SpaceMouse Compact at work, it had a side button, where you could switch to different navigation modes in a popup menu (Helicopter etc.) and also enable an option for orbiting around the center object.

As far as I can tell, the Mac version exists already.

Yes it works great
I can’t imagine working in Rhino without it. but it doesn’t have the plugin that gives you the Helicopter mode and the other options in Windows like the option to have a dot on screen that show the device focus point.
What I have is the small notebook model it has just 2 side buttons that you can configure. apart from the orbiting knob.[I use Zoom extend on one and the tools manu on the other configured to 4 display modes]
your image show the driver options… it existed since early v5…


On Windows, yes there s an option to orbit around the centre of an object. So as in your video, once you get close enough to that small object, you would find the ‘focus’ cube orienting itself to the small cube. it kind of does it based on the centre of the screen, for finding the target.

Did you manage to find the option in Mac? It should be something you find in the 3DXWare. I haven’t usually had to do much, if any, tweaking on the Rhino side.

This is exactly what I mean.
Probably makes more sense to post that in the 3DConnexion forum?

Could not find it yet…