Can I make Ctrl + Shift + RMB the standard way I orbit without having to press Ctrl + Shift too?

Can I make Ctrl + Shift + RMB the standard way I orbit without having to press Ctrl + Shift too? I really like being able to rotate around the cursor vs the other options under options view such as around Cplane ect. Any way to make it stick?

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Hello - It should not be different - maybe you’re seeing the rotation around the gumball with selected objects?


Hi Pascal,

Here are my settings for view:

When I try to rotate my model with nothing selected and I rotate it 90deg, (like going from front to right view but just using rotate, the rotation point is approximately 300 units in front of both the center extents of the model and the origin. When I hold shift + control and then hit RMB to rotate it grabs the point the mouse was on to use as the rotation point, not the arbitrary 300 units in front of the model. Just wondering if i can set that as default without having to hold Shift+Control.

Thanks for the help.

What is the actual command that you are running here?


No command just right mouse button to spin the model around. To try to clarify further, open a model, any model. in perspective view rotate around it using right mouse button. now hold shift + ctrl and right mouse button and see how the behavior is different. I like the way it rotates when holding shift + ctrl and just want to make that default.

Hello - There is a difference if you start rotating (RMB) and then hold Shift or Ctrl-Shift while rotating - that locks things in a different way. That behavior is only available with that combo - start rotating and then while rotating, hold down Shift or Ctrl-Shift. Did I get it?


Yes mostly i think but like you said there is a difference between having shift +ctrl pressed then pressing right mouse on the thing you want to rotate around and pressing right mouse, and then pressing shift + ctrl. I’d love it if the first of these behaviors, where the view rotates around the selected point was able to be set as default without having to press shift+ctrl. But i think we are there, i dont see how to make that happen.

Hi - like @pascal wrote, the behavior that you like is only available with the Ctrl + Shift combination. The only other way of achieving what you like without that key combination is by setting the view target (with Zoom Target) to the point that you want to rotate the view around.

Hi Ericnistler,
Has your problem been solved? Is your problem the one mentioned in this video? This problem has troubled me for a long time, if there is any solution, please inform, thank you! @ericnistler

Please solve it or give it a option to make it become default, it’s really important for us architects, especially when we want to modify a small thing while the whole model is huge.


Hello - does Zoom>Target not do what you need here?


To me, it does what I want but it would be much more handy if it would work as suggested in first post
(simply rotating with one mouse button instaed doing zoom>choosing point and area> and only then rotating)

Like in 3ds max:

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For future reference:

Holding Shift-Ctrl down and then use the RMB (right mouse button) makes the view orbit the pick-point (cursor).

We need this function very much. Please consider adding a switch to make it the default rotation mode,It’s really annoying to keep using the z key to specify the rotation center.@ Pascal Golay

Hi -
In Rhino 8, you can set the RotateViewAroundObjectAtMouseCursor advanced setting to True.


Aw, I didn’t see that before now. Thanks!

This was pointed out here as well: Wish: Auto align Gumball to the visible part of the Object - #5 by richard.aubin

Please add this as the default behaviour in v8. It feels so much more natural!
And add a toggle for it at the mouse settings:


This Ctrl+Shift exist at least from V5 on.

In V8 it should be active by default.
And the switch in the mouse options, that would be good.

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If Rhino Options > View> Rotate is set to Rotate relative to view, the right mouse button always orbits the view.

What we are talking about here is not orbiting the view, but what point the view is orbiting around.

In V7 you can press CTRL+SHIFT + Right-mouse-button to orbit around the point the cursor is hovering above. This can now be sat as standard in Rhino 8 (so this always happen (and you can press ctrl-shift to avoid it)) The setting can be found through the advanced settings, so it’s a bit hard to find, thus the wish to make the option visible in the mouse category.

In my opinion this is much gives a much better and more intuitive navigation experience, test it out if you haven’t already.

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