What would be a good technique wrapping a cube with array of curves?


I’m trying to understand what would be an appropriate technique to wrap a cube with a patterned curves?

Like this:

However, when projecting/extruding circularly aligned curves onto the cube they end up not being equally spaced.

I also tried the Bend command, but it results in a “broken” curve:

What would be considered the “right” way of doing it?

Thank you.

Hello - try:
Make a vertical line of the same height through the center of the cube.
Loft one of the angled lines to the center and ArrayPolar the loft surface.
Intersect the surfaces and the cube.


Thank you, but then intersecting curves are not equally spaced on flat faces of the cube:

CurveWrapping.3dm (158.6 KB)

create your “cube” with _loft of two curves.
use option SplitAtTangents = No
(or other workflows to get a single surface)

(check this forum for Info on developable surfaces)

construct / draw the lines in 2d on the unrolled surface.
to map them back to the “cube”
(also check for _flowAlongSrf there are a few aspects to care of)

hope this helps - kind regards -tom

remarkable! Thank you very much, curves are much cleaner. Had to watch the Introduction to Developing and Flattening Surfaces in Rhino3d - YouTube in order to understand what’s happening, thanks to your tip.