Surface wraping a set of intersected curves

Hi everyone, firstimer here.

Been using grasshopper for a year now, but still have problems choosing the right components. I have several curves that are rotating in a same axis. They intersect between each other. And I need to make a surface that surrounds the curves using the intersecting points or the totality of curves. Its kind of urgent so I would be very grateful with an answer.

Thank you!help

MODULO.3dm (37.1 KB) (11.1 KB)

Hi @jomadafi,

It appears that the file you’ve posted was created with a cracked copy of Rhino:

Testing 3dm Archive: MODULO.3dm
  Start Section: 378 bytes (offset 0 to 378)
    Offset: 0
    3dm archive version: 50
    Interface Name: Rhinoceros 0.0 - (null) [Cracked], build 2015-02-26 - (compiled Feb 24 2015)
      SDK Version: 201103035.201502265
      OpenNURBS Version: 201502265
      3dm Version: 5
      Operating System: Windows Platform 2 (6.2) build 9200 sp 0.0, suite 768, product type 1
     3DM I/O processor: OpenNURBS toolkit version 201502265 (compiled on Feb 24 2015)

If this is true, please refrain from asking questions on our forums until you’ve acquired a legal copy - thanks.

– Dale

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Surely not a good answer like the one from Dale, but the simpliest way will be to do it by hand if you want something quite beautiful.
The other solution is to use 3d convex hull

Immagine (19.0 KB)
You curves are already centered, rotated from a center…
Just revolve one of them.

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Thank you Dale, I will consider this for further posts.

Thanks for your answer, Laurent. I can’t find the component on my grasshopper, do I need a plugin?

Thank you Riccardo! This was very useful, but I need to cover the uper part of the model as well, hopefuly using the same points or curves. Any ideas?

It mus be Mesh+ or something like that. But it will not give you beautiful results.