Question: Wrap curves around loft (Grasshopper)


I am using Rhino 7, the latest version. I would like to wrap a number of curves (ellipsis) around a loft (cylinder) and I cannot find the best way to do that.

I tried “pull curve” and “project”, but none of these produce the desired results. Almost certainly there is an obvious (i.e. simple) solution, but I cannot seem to find it.

Will be grateful for any help.

image (16.6 KB)

Not the result you’re hoping for?

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Is this what you’re trying to accomplish?

This uses the Unroll Polysurface component from the Pufferfish plug-in. (26.3 KB)


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Hello Paco Paco,

Not exactly what I was expecting indeed. This is the trouble I had with “project”. Thank you nevertheless.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time!

I was hoping to accomplish this without another plugin, but so be it. I will give it a spin right now. I think I can get around the “unroll polysurface” component perhaps. Let’s see.


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Simplified and no plug-ins used. (15.9 KB)