Help with the creation of a surface that goes from one curve to another

i am a first year architecture student and i need some help in devising a way to approach this problem. in effect i need to take the curves on one side of this cube and connect it to a curve on the other. so what i need to get out of this is a surface or a series of lines that have the colored drawing as the base and the black and white drawing as the top. i hope this makes sense. i know that there must be a way to do this with commands.

Thank you for any and all assistance,
Adam Champagne

Hmmm - if you can pick out one colored curve and one line on the opposite side that go together, you can Loft between the two, but Iā€™m not sure that is really what you are after.


what do you mean by loft? is it a command and how does it work? but it think you are understanding the idea properly.

Thanks, Adam

Hi Adam - see the Loft (Surface menu) command, & Help for basic info.


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