What to do when Rhino is stuck in a command

Hello everyone,

I’m working with Rhino v5 32bits, with Pointools4Rhino. I’m usually doing 2D floor plans from the point clouds.

And sometimes, Rhino gets stuck when I use the connect command (to connect two curves). When I say stuck, I mean that the command can’t be canceled and I can’t use antother command but the viewport is not stuck, I can pan in the orthographic view or orbit in perspective view for instance.

The only way out I found is to cross the finger waiting for an autosave to come. There, it stops the command and saves. Sometimes it may take few time to occur. But sometimes, the autosave doesn’t show, and it’s stuck.
Whether I wait or I lose the last minutes of my work.

Is there a reason for this to happen? And is there a better solution? (other than setting autosaves every minutes^^)


What does the command line say when it gets stuck?

Aside from if the command line says anything when you get stuck, can you see the cursor in the command line blinking or not? If the cursor stops blinking, Rhino is thinking.

You could also bring up the task manager to see what Rhino is using for system resources as a check as well. If the CPU is being used then you are calculating something so it would be good to know what you did right before this and if it was with a specific model that you tend to wait more with.

A long shot - you can also look for a dialog box that is showing, blocking Rhino from doing anything, but behind Rhino. Minimize Rhino and other windows one at a time to see if you can find it.

When stuck, if I try to enter another command, it will repeat the connect command line + " : the text of the command I just wrote"

I don’t remember if the cursor is still or blinking, but I would guess that it’s still. As it happens when I use the connect command, Rhino should be looking for the curve to connect.

But if it’s actually Rhino that is thinking, is there a way to cancel that? And why only Autosave is stopping the thinking (that could lasts forever if nothing is done).

A dialog box could be a reason for that, the only box that could come during the connect command would be the selection dialog box that comes when two or more objects are too close to be selected. But I think the command stops after I choose the first curve. And this curve turns to yellow when I click on it, and not in pink. As it should be if there is a choice for the selection.

I’ll check for CPU stats, when it will happen again. About the files I’m working on, it’s all about curves, texts, and hatchings. And point clouds imported and displayed thanks to pointools. But Rhino gets stuck only with connect and only few times like one time per week.

Thanks a lot for the answer and sorry for the big text!

Hi Cleps,

Thanks for the further explanation. I’m not seeing a delay here with Connect so my guess is that it may be related to the file you’re using and/or the use of a plugin. I don’t use PointTools so this is another guess but maybe the curves you are picking are instances of the PointTools plugin and seen differently by Rhino. Please let me know if this is file specific and if you have a file that shows the delay. You can email this to tech@mcneel.com if it’s confidential.

My understanding is that PointTools was discontinued for Rhino by the owners of the plugin. It may not be possible to fix what your seeing if this is a PointTools bug. You can load protect the plugin in Options>Rhino Options>Plugins and restart Rhino with the file in question to test this.

Hi BrianJ,

Unfortunately, this bug doesn’t occur with a specific file/curve, it just happens… but only sometimes.

The curves I’m using are Rhino curves, as long as I know Pointools shouldn’t mess with curves but only with points/point clouds. And I don’t remember if it happened to me when I was not using Pointools. The thing is I have to use this plug-in for my work. I don’t have the time to test several connect to see if it bugs also without Pointools.

One solution that may help me in case the delay occurs : Is there a way to stop Rhino from thinking, like an escape key but better :tongue:

This just happened to me!
I was dragging a texture mapping widget and Rhino got stuck. It did not freeze; the cursor at the command line was blinking and I was able to pan, zoom, access the menu, etc. It’s just that the widget wouldn’t “drop” from my cursor and all my actions were ignored.
I got control back by minimizing all the open windows, then maximizing Rhino… but there was no hidden dialog box.

Hi Marc - Wow… I’ve never heard of this one before, I don’t think. I’ll try to reproduce it- what display mode was active, any of the standard ones? Have you seen this more than once?



Only once…
I had the standard 4 views showing, the perspective viewport being shaded.
While I was moving the mapping widget, there was a checkered texture showing (is that new?). The command line was showing: "Drag objects, tap Alt to make a duplicate:"
But now, when I try the same thing, it says "Drag objects, tap Alt to make a duplicate, press and hold Alt to temporarily toggle osnaps:"
Dragging is effective until I let go the left mouse button, but in the case where I had the problem, it seems like it didn’t registered the “let go” (maybe because I had a render going on?) and no action would trigger it.

Just happened again:
A render is being calculated, I show a mapping widget and select it, Move command, I can click the origin point but there’s no way to end the command…
I can type at the command line but it has no effect.

… Found the way! I can pick a position in the (shaded) Perspective viewport!

Hi Marc - by this do you mean a rendered viewport, or Neon viewport or?


A V-Ray render… the perspective viewport was shaded.

Ah. So you can interact with Rhino while VRay is cooking… Have you mentioned this to Vray support? I think I’d start there and they’ll gripe at us if there is something they need to fix that, or that we should fix.


I have the impression it’s not because of V-Ray… When the rendering is finished I still can’t get the mouse click to register but the interface is responsive. I’ll do so more testing.

I seem to have had the same issue. I was in the process of creating VRay Proxies when I guess I chose a group that was a little too big for my computer to handle, after freezing initially it came back, the cursor was locked to the chunky arrow that implies a command is running, Either way, I was able to type commands and they would appear in the command line but nothing would come of it unless it was a view command, I couldn’t seem to exit the command with anything I did. In the end I had to force quit Rhino.

If anybody manages to find a workaround to hard quit a command that would be pretty awesome!


This problem is still there. It just happened to me while rotating a mapping widget. It’s not the first time it happens.
The previous times (I cant remember what I was doing) I had to force quit Rhino.
This time I was lucky and the command line resumed after Rhino executing an Autosave. Weird …

Same issue here. Happened while rendering with Vray 3.6 trial. I’m guessing may be a Vray issue.

Same here, i was rendering with V-Ray then i cancelled the render, after that Rhino freeze and i can’t do nothing at all, i can click but nothing it’s responsive no commands are running and the cruzor looks just like a triangle.

Hi - if that is repeatable behavior with V-Ray, you should take that up with Chaos Group.

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