What to do to V5 dims in existing files for open into V7?

V5 and V7


I opt to make a new clean post given the convoluted mass of threads prior.

After spending ages making dims templates in V7 to be 1:1 with the same dims names as I use in V5, , I have had an absence due to 5 fractured vertebrae and more besides…partly due to all that and more spent at PC, months of doing PC stuff… no exercise, impact and strong bone making, far too much time at PC, now I truly need a miracle to fix me with vertebra collapsing…

I now come to open a V5 file into V7 and my brain is blank after all that.

V5 dims are all 1:10 model space.

Just what must I do to get the V5 to open into V7 and all dims to look as before in V5, when the same named dims are to 1:1 scale in V7 as told they should be made.?.

Do I have to go through each and every dim property in V5 and alter to 1:1 and edit the entries to x 10 their values, so e.g. 0.01 that gave 0.1 inch tall must be altered to 0.1. arrow length 0.01 alter to 0.1 etc, anything that a change of scale impacts.

To do this to all my V5 files I need to open is going to take ages and I must not spend time at PC as I have done, else I will be a cripple if not already.


Hi Steve -

What’s the purpose of opening those files?

Just to make sure, I’ll repeat what I told you back in February this year:

If your Rhino 5 project needs major changes and you want to do that in Rhino 7, delete all annotations and start over.


If you have projects in Rhino 5 that only need minor adjustments, I would recommend to use Rhino 5 for those changes.

example 1. I have a house plan (my house) and need to open it and add in a feature or something every so often, I access it every few months, to stay in V5 is not right as we should be with V7, but I open it in V7 and the dims are microscopic. I recall I need to make the dims 1:1 scale now. so will go through them all and do so. then open into V7 (1:1 scale)

then my current project, massive , currently doing plan 20, many .3dm files each one for generating a plan number, so a lot to alter dims in. I am staying in V5 as its far less work ! everything works as expected when plans open and I dont have time to redo all dims.

I have other projects, but do not intend to destroy and recreate.

I would like to move fwd and access my V5 files and use them in V7. I have files with meshes I need far faster handling of, as V5 cannot cope.

Someone said beware V8 changes again compared to V7, not sure what quite was referred to but I recall thinking that means altering V7 files for dims… maybe I misred that.

Am I right in saying V5 dims if 1:10 need altering in properties to 1:1, so text height 0.01 giving 0.1 in model gets altered to 0.1, and other such figures such as arrow head length etc. Then the V7 dim with same name shows the dim as it appeared in V5. I RECALL THIS AS BEING SO.

Is there a way of altering a dimension property in V5 e.g.for dims style … Inch Decimal Fractional 0.2 inch tall and applying that change to all V5 files in one go featuring that dimension style ?

Else is there a quick way of bringing in the altered style into a V5 file, rather than have to go through editing each data box for that style ?

I see an import button as well as a match button in dimension properties. Do I select the dimension style such as that above, then click import and browse to the file with the now 1:1 style, and import it, and it updates the style to whats required, as that would speed up the process considerably.
What is ‘match’ for ?


Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear about your back. My son fractured his in six places so I have some idea how painful living with that is.

If I recall correctly, you’d previously got as far as making an R7 template with the annotation styles set to how you wanted them. To change all the dims in a V5 file together to the new R7 styles, open the V5 file in R7, go to the Annotation Styles window and use import to import the styles from your R7 template into the V5 document. Confirm you want to replace all the ones that already exist. Close the annotation styles window and check the dims look correct. Then from the file menu use Save As to save the V5 file in R7 format with a new name (so you keep the original V5 version for safety).

You should find the thread where this is all described in detail, with illustrations, is still on Discourse. Searching for pint may help locate it. :beer:


Hi Jeremy,
Two pints now !

I have printed this off, its the most crucial method sheet I have.
Pinned to wall (or blu tak)

Needs pinning to the forum in fact !

I cant be the only one taking V5 into V7.