Change dim style rhino7

Is it possible to change the dim style for dimensions that have been imported into a rhino7 file from a rhino5 file, or do I have to delete the imported dimensions and redo them in the rhino7 file?
I want the imported file dimension style to match the file dimension style.


Hi Hugo -

You can assign a different annotation style to dimensions that are imported from a Rhino 5 file. You can also override specific annotation style properties of individual dimensions from that Rhino 5 file.

I’m not sure what that means.
In Rhino 5, text objects and annotations are very limited when compared to Rhino 6 and later. Under the hood, large portions of the code related to text were completely rewritten to add functionality and fix bugs. Because of that and in some situations, it might be very hard or impossible to create a style in Rhino 7 that is identical to what you would see in Rhino 5.

Thank you Wim.
I thought so and was surprised when it would not work.
I selected the dimensions, clicked on properties and had attempted numerous times to change them to no avail.
Having closed Rhino and reopened the file again, it worked as I would have expected.
Temporary bug I suppose.
Lesson for me. Trust my own judgment a bit more and try reset! :pensive: