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Does anyone here know of any contract coders that can help with my goal. My goal is: When i open a Rhino file designed in Rhino 5 , i would like to have it opened in Rhino 5. When i open a Rhino file designed in Rhino 6 , i would like to have it opened in Rhino 6. I would like this process to be automatic with no clicks.

Hello @roger2,

Don’t waste any money on this! :wink:

  1. Rhino 5 has been “depreciated”. If you have both 5 and 6 installed, you’ll get a message when you open Rhino 5 that it’s old and useless.
  2. You’d probably need a script for your OS (i.e. Windows, macOS), not Rhino, since you’d want to decide in your file browser which Rhino to open, when double-clicking on the file.
  3. You can probably do this simply by right-clicking the 3DM file and choosing Rhino 5 or 6. Two clicks!

Only if you’re on Mac.

If you know what version of Rhino the file was last saved as… which is why he’s asking.

Trying to open a V6 file in V5 will give you an error message. Opening V5 files with V6 is OK.

I don’t know why @roger2 wants to open all V5 files in V5 when they can also be opened in V6 though…

if i open a V5 file in V6 and resave it as V5 , won’t i loose details saving it as V5. (assuming i add nothing new to the file , i just convert )

No, why should you?

I just wanted to be safe since i know if i save V6 file and save as V5 it can loose details. But i guess is i open a V5 file with V6 and save as V5 then i should be good Right?

The only thing you can lose is some specific geometry type that exists in V6 but does not in V5. I can’t think of any offhand.

That being said, one thing that can happen is that annotations - dimensions, text, etc.- might change. (move, change style, justification, etc.)

Annotations get re-interpreted as V6 style stuff when you open a V5 file in V6, and then get re-interpreted as V5 when you save the file back out again as V5. As all the annotation stuff was completely revamped in V6 and nothing really works the same as it did in V5, the translations can be ‘iffy’.

Good to know. So to give a little bit more detail about my situtation.

We have a order processing software that we use to processes orders for 3d printing. In that software when we click the link to open the 3d file it opens the file in V5 because we have defaulted windows to open all .3dm & .stl in V5. But whenever our customer sends a V6 file and we click the shotcut it trys to open the file in V5 and give the error , so we have to manually go and find the file on the back end folder and open it manually with V6.

And since there is a chance we can loose details opening a V5 file in V6, i would prefer not to make V6 the default .3dm opener

I hope that makes more sense.

If all you are doing is processing the file for 3D printing, I think there will be no danger at all of losing details when opening in V6. I do this all the time with older files, even sometimes V2, V3 and V4… Never seen any geometry get ‘lost’ or changed.

good to know, thank you . i will default to V6 then

My approach to this issue is to include “V5” or “V6” in the filename so I can tell which version it’s saved at. Then when I see the filename I know whether to simply click to open or go through the extra steps to open it in the Rhino version I want to use.

FWIW I placed a utility, RhinoFeeder, that handles this in the OP’s earlier thread, Opening a Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.

I thought it might be mildly useful when downloading files from discourse, if it isn’t clear which version of Rhino they came from.