What to do just after Rhino8 install to open V5 files?

yes V8 ! :laughing:

and now what do I do so as to be able to open my V5 files without any issues ?

V5 are all 1:10 scale, thats how V5 out of the box made them, all my dims I created looked ok in my files and in V7 opening my V5 files all the dims were microscopic.

I remade all the templates and still had problems.

So here I am, just installed V8, and its update, and wish not to go through hell again.

What should I create, what settings to alter etc to bring my V5 files in ?

Please show me.

scared stiff here. (3 months of altering V7 and got nowhere)



Hi Steve -

I’m afraid you completely disregarded the advice that was given to you. Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 are the same when it comes to annotation styles.

In a nutshell , as It became very confusing, just what do I need to alter and where please.
Just want a summary/clarification,
Someone else might also be doing same and looking for a one post what to do here.

I can’t spend 3 months struggling with it all over again, sifting through posts and what went wrong, playing Sherlock.

for any V5 user faced with this, in a nutshell, whats needed to open V5 into V8 PLEASE…



please anyone.
I want to show off V8 and shrink wrap to encourage a friend to buy Rhino, and stuck on the first step.
Forum a big influence for him, and me, yet crying in the wilderness here it seems.


Try formulate a question that is answerable then.
I use rhino versions 5 to 8 (albeit I rarely use the annotation features) and I have no idea what your specific problem is, other than that is has something to do with dimensions and templates.

Best I post a test file, that sees dimensions look good in V5 both in shaded view and Layout mode.
Layout mode allows dimensions from both the model space and also created within that mode itself.
Show what happens when its opened into V8 (as well as what V7 did with it).
Its the fact that dimensions model space was 1:10 in V5 and opening a file in V7 where this default was now 1:1 sees dims go microscopic.

Bear with me whilst I find time to organise this.