What setting to get this web forum to autoexpand for images?

I have just placed an image into another post and its become half inch wide, the post window doesnt auto expand downward to accomodate it.
(you can see this at Why does Cplane 3 point not see origin same in top as for perspective? )

What settings need altering when placing an image ( I drag drop from explorer into post).

In Outlook Express newsgroups that auto expand was normal.

I do a story board of an issue and so neat landscape rectangles are of no use !


Nothing, as far as I know. I would simply suggest that you do not stick all your images together into one like the post you referenced, but rather drag and drop them one after the other into the window, being careful to have the cursor below the last image reference each time so they’re in order. Or use the Upload button and upload then in sequence.


This all works OK, as covered in your topic – the main issue is that you generated an image with strange dimensions: narrow and extremely tall:

You’ll get better results if you generate images that are a bit closer in dimensions to the viewport of the actual post bodies here.