Picture Material needs a BIGGER preview :)

Hi guys,
I inserted a few PDF’s to the document and it works great, but when I go in to the material editor to fine tune a bit I got reminded how hopelessly small the image icons are:

Can you please add a big preview window for Picture materials?
A collapsible “Image Viewer” area between “Picture” and “Notes” would be great.

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Drag the line down between the preview in the middle and the settings below it. The preview will stay the size you last made it.

@maxsoder, can the default size of the large preview be made something bigger than the small thing it now is when opened for the first time?

I know, and I know that I can change to “Plane” in the preview, but that isn’t good enough either as it is in perspective and a square, distorting the image proportions. So I still wish for a plain, good old image viewer :wink:

Like the floating preview, but even more freedom to resize it as you want? It isn’t square, but you can’t do very wide or very tall previews. You can make it very big though.

Edit: you actually can, but it is pretty hard.

Edit 2: I don’t see how a square image distorts the proportions? Maybe it is a personal taste thing?

@johnc You could answer @nathanletwory question. (Question about default size for preview window)

I can add a note to this conversation: The preivew window is not implemented in eto. It was left out as not needed so on the Mac one cannot see it. However a new section for this would be a good solution in my opinion. A little bit like the bitmap textures.

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Sure looks square:

What I wish for is just a simple Picture viewer. If you want to throw in a zoom and a pan function then I won’t say “no”, but not really what I need. Just something that quickly lets me see what the material is.
No need for a fancy “spin my 2D in 3D mode” :slight_smile: Makes sense?

Ah, so you want the preview scene to be just a static plane with the aspect ratio of the image. But no viewport controls? Or essentially texture preview, but then also honoring the aspect ratio of the image? And big…

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YES, but not the preview scene, I wished it as a separate section.
It COULD be the preview scene though, I could live with that :wink:

I’ll start by logging aspect ratio for image texture preview. That is IMO more of a bug than feature request ↠ RH-60818 Image texture preview should honor aspect ratio

Then I’ll log a feature request to have a section for the image texture preview right in the material settings ↠ RH-60819 Add image texture preview as section to Picture material settings

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