Images do not always click-to-zoom

Thanks Willem.

As an aside @brian I noticed that clicking on the image above doesn’t bring up a higher resolution of the image as it does on the Grasshopper forum. Is this a limitation of Discourse or does it depend on something about the original image that isn’t available in this instance?


Hi Chris,

Indeed, I think it is due to the upload process let me test:



lets see if different…

@brian It appears the pasted image is not “click to zoom” able. The uploaded one is (due to filepicker functionality I guess.)

A related issue: I think the upload button (currently an image icon) should be edited to reflect that fact that it is a file upload button.


Yep, uploaded is different… You get the enlarged image in a separate popup window… Does drag and drop have the same result as paste?

and for us behind corporate filtering policies, the pasted is visible, the uploaded not…

I think drag and drop is the same as pasted. My earlier images in the thread were drag and drop and they don’t expand.


Just testing.

Still testing. First image might have been too small.

Both are click-zoom able here.

both in chrome and FF


I just did two uploads above and they don’t enlarge for me. Any more thoughts on this? I’m using Chrome.


Now they do but I had to leave the tread and come back to it.

It appears that the markup created with a drag/drop or copy/paste is different from the markup created by the file upload tool.

<img src="" width="690" height="379">


I’ll let the folks at Discourse know you prefer the latter.

I agree about the button. We hacked in the stuff to get generic uploads working; the Discourse team is working to integrate it properly into their system.