What setting to add shadow in shaded view?

to indicate the shape better I need some shadow under the T piece, else it looks like a single planar face in ‘right’ view. and would help make for a better display in perspective view.

How can I achieve that ?


You can turn on shadows in the Shaded display, but my guess is you won’t like it.

Options > View > Display Modes > Shaded > Shadows, click Shadows on.

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attached results, it has no idea does it of the shape and what the shadow would be, and is placing shadow where it wouldn’t exist.

You’re quite right its rubbish at it !

oh dear.

Is that the only option by the time V5 was developed ?

is V6 any better ?

Attached the model.
T piece location.3dm (148.7 KB)

Hi @Steve1
I don’t know what it looks like in V5 (no longer installed), but this is V6, default scene lighting, lousy old GTX950M on equally lousy old Asus laptop.

Thats the shadow one should be getting with light to one’s left and beyond the object.
What does the ‘right’ view look like ?

Its a bit dark, representing bright sun, can it be made to represent a hazy sun or single lamp room lighting , a weaker shadow in other words. ?


I wonder if you would get a better result using a copy of the Arctic in V6 that uses ambient occlusion instead of shadows, then modify it to display layer colors, surface edges, and isocurves like Shaded does assuming that’s what you’re after.

It might be worth a try.

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Hi !
Yea, A-O would be the preferred answer for this particular application.

Shadows as you rightly pointed out wouldn’t give the intended result. Too many things don’t fit right in a planar/orthogonal view (lighting, position, direction, component placement/alignment … )

All the best -

Hi, I am V5.
still not solved this yet Its something I originally thought would be a viewing option, soft shadows to differentiate the items from themselves.
Take a look at the slotted bolt heads, they vanish, the internal of the C beam, no indication it is a C beam.
then I select artistic, I lose the colours I need but gain shadow, so if I do a screen grab of both, place each into photoshop as layers and make artistic layer 21% and multiply as layer mode, I get a bit of shadow, enough to show the true shapes, see bolt heads etc,
But surely can we not have a shaded with shadow option ?
I need the colours to show the different elements in my models but cannot get sensible soft hazy sun or cloudy bright shadows.

turn on artistic view and make 21% multiply.

or 42% is nice

and here is artistic at 100% normal.

Are there no settings in V5 for shaded to give us a soft shadow as truly SHADED view needs it. I see other CAD prog images and they have shadows and colours.

Does V7 solve this ?


I see Fred_C and Oct31 for this thread when I click my icon top right but I cannot see any reply to this when I visit the thread, something really odd going on, also I paste thread addresses in Msoft Word and can click them and go back to a thread, great way of keeping control over what was posted to what forums, but now I click the link and I get a blank page, so whats happened to this website, its messing me about.


On Oct 31 2019 -I just added tag “Rhino 5”
Link to the thread with several answers :thinking:

Edit: Try change color via color by object
snap00 11-8-2020

Does that work?

Fred, thanks, but no, I do need subtle shadows in Shaded view, do we not have a view that just adds in a little shadow ?
Like my ‘artistic view’ that Rhino does but with shaded view colours.
Surely I shouldnt have to combine a printscreen of that with a shaded view and use photoshop for a client, but I am on about helping me whilst working on it as well, as soon as I go to side view the objects of same colour become one, I need to show depth, if something is in a deep area, a shadow denotes how deep into the object something is, but a different colour it could be at same plane as front of object.

Its such a basic need, right there on page 1 of visuals in 3D.

how does V6 overcome this ?


Hi Steve - you can set the Shaded mode to use Scene lighting, turn on the skylight in the Lights panel, and get not great but maybe usable soft shadows in Shaded.


Hi Pascal,

note I am V5,
I look in rhino properties select display shaded cant quite see the settings referred to, here is what I see, I try for that indicated, the face goes white bit no shadows, lower riight is it in perspective before change, as you see shaded in ortho view is useless at showing a chasm there.


Still stuck with the problem of ortho views and no realistic shadow when working on objects or wanting to send a quick screen grab to client or aide etc.
Here we have a deep gully yet its not obvious at centre where I am working and can’t see whats what.
see the cubes, hopeless !

I looked for the solution but see no reply to my post on this.

Help :frowning:

I have a screen share to do and can’t with no shadows.

Help !


Anyone ?
Please ?

774 views so others also keen to know !

I can’t go trying to explain to folk that here is a gulley, sorry but rhino doesnt do shadows, its not very pro, or as I had to do, place a darker surface offset.001 over the existing to add shadow that way !
Surely shadow can be had in shaded view to show these structures. ?


You are on a Rhino version that is close to 10 years old. A LOT has happened in terms of visual fidelity in Rhino since October ‘12, when Rhino 5 came out. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade?
Regards, Jakob

will V7 do this as I have V7, but need to find a few weeks and money to try to upgrade pc to win10, last time it took 3 months, thank god for Classic Shell !

I just dont have 3 months this time. already 3 months behind with work.

would be great to see what it looks like,. wont fix my current dilemma but added motive to go win10.


Hi @Steve1
Just a quick couple of screen grabs of something geometrically similar in V7 - top is rendered view, bottom is shaded view with shadows turned on. Lighting is a single directional light @45°.
HTH, Jakob

@Steve1 ,
Just as an additional motivation for V7 upgrade, it has several improvements in the shadow and display area: more speed, ability to use more detailed shadow maps, control over shadow intensity via DisplayMode and also sun intensity, which combined with Skylight shadows opens up a lot of good display and shading possibilities compared to V6, not to even mention V5.
There is probably more, but the above are major improvements.