Shading options give shadows on top of items and inside solids!


in display mode HM2_shaded I have turned of anything that seems to cause edges to show, yet they still show. Maybe a very thin line might be good but not these thick ones.
I expect shadow under the top sticking out blue metal, not on the top of the lower one, so as to show that it sticks out !
I cannot see any controls to make that be so., its essential to how it would be in normal light.

As a photographer normal light source is over ones left or right shoulder, Rhino has it very low at lower right, why ?
How do I move it for Shaded mode to a correct default location for all future use ?..and I dont want black undersides. In rendered mode I want the same lighting, and again not black undersides which its giving.

In original Shaded mode I turn on shadows and get weird stuff, shadows inside the 1/4inch thick metal per hole, and on top of beam edge and so on.

Just what settings do I select and values etc to get NORMAL SHADOWS on something ?

I dont want black edges to the bolt either.

Could I apply a rusty material (where would I get such from) to a created solid and just have all the surfaces go as such without having to try and map a texture per surface, minimum fiddling, click and be done ?

Never have used materials but need this to look a bit more real, as Rhino makes surfaces facing same way all the same and they dont differentiate form each other, unlike in real life where something, perhaps shadows, just shows up separate items.
Shaded modes beam.3dm (441.7 KB)


Hi, anyone please,
I am looking stupid supplying images to clients with shadows on top of items.
The light source in default is to my right and also lower right, shadows in opposing places etc.

How do I get the default lighting to be where it would be if taking studio shots, or outside in the sun, over ones left or right shoulder, not both at same time !
Our brain knows shadows and they need to be where you get them from a primary light source.

I see so many CAD progs with shadow scenes all looking correct then I think of Rhino and what I have in V5 default.