Rhino8 real world shadows in shaded view mode default or addon?

Does Rhino3D v8 come with as default a lighting set up for shaded view, my normal creation environment.
I have always wanted a shaded view where an object looks like it might in a real world environment, at the moment I have something with various parts sticking out and in ortho views you would think its all dead flat !

In reality there are always shadows.
Take a cube and make a sunken cylindrical hole in it, view it in ortho and its as if the hole is not there except for a faint circle.
ortho front no indication hole or shelf

I cannot tell what I am working on, find the edge of a shelf etc, when in ortho mode.

The inside circular planar face would in the real world be a darker shade and might not even have a shadow if deep inside, Rhino acts as if its on the outer surface. I have a multi layered hole and all surfaces are as if they are at the outside, its all dead flat it would have you believe without the actual depth it has.

perspective see indication hole or shelf

I dont want a high powered render mode and I work in shaded view, not in rendered mode, I need the memory not on rendering textures etc, just need some subtle shadows and realistic darkening if colours on surfaces that exist sunken into an object.

Does V8 come as such or do we have to hunt down 3rd party plugins ?

Are there McNeel users settings one can install, or does McNeel suggest settings.

I am zero knowledge on lighting, just want to get operational quicko as I have an item I need to show a client and need to have my various layer colours visible yet also have realistic lighting. I want to use shaded view for the demo, as I am working on it in the demo.
Shaded mode needs something better

Also rather than all have a sheen, some parts are fabric so can I have a lesser sheen, or even a fabric texture, in shaded view whilst working on objects ?