Wanted an importable shaded mode with SHADOWS as per life reality V5

In ortho view as I work I cant tell where gulleys are,

has anyone a display mode for shaded mode, so I have my coloured layers objects and dims etc visible, but with nice soft non pixelated shadows allowing me to see gulleys and holes in ortho view as I work.

for V5

This need has bugged me all my time since starting with V4.

something I can import into V5.

I also wish to run rendered mode and again differentiate between objects as my project loses realism,
In real life items have shadows, my rendered mode has pixelated mess, and a face witihin a hole is same colour as the outside face of the object, whilst in reality it would be a tad greyer, not shadow but sheer fact that less light is getting into the hole !

here we dont realise the shape us sunk into the object, then turn it and we do, but a client neeeds to see shapes without having to try and remember what changes appearance and assimilitate all the views as if Spock.



PLEASE has anyone managed to get a shaded mode with real life shadows ?

such that a hole going so far inro a block sees the back wall of the hole a slightly darker colour, as ortho view of it shows nothing, whilst in reality there would be less light reaching it and thus it goes a slightly darker colour.

Not shadow as such but just the fact that surfaces facing the same direction would be different shades depending on light reaching them, whilst in Rhino they are all as if they are the one surface. :rage: :confounded: :sob:

I have needed a realistic shaded mode since day 1 of V4. don’t we all ?


Hi Steve -

You’ve started about 10 threads on this topic over the past several years. I don’t think I can put it better than what Jakob replied in one of those…


Hi, I guess not then.
I have V7 and tried out shaded modes, and the grid is awful as I had to use gamma 2.2 as was the McNeel solution but then fixing the grid colours is a mess in modes other than shaded, so back to V5 to get this job done.
Line fidelity is not good in V7 and I need quality to draw with. I guess V8 will be my next attempt to move fwd. and hope the fundamentals are better and as V5, as I am told V8 attempts to solve V7 quality.

Spent a lot of money on a V7 PC, then far too many hrs installing and getting V7 ready to open V5, overcoming issues with dims, and ended up back at V5 to get work done.
When I get time, and thanks to 5 fractured vertebrae due to osteoporosis due to sitting at PC far too long, I have months of catching up to do, it wont be anytime soon.