What model space scale should default Rhino V7 be?

V5 and V7,
Having fallen foul of the supposed bug and having made all my Rhino projects go by default in V5, and it was Model space scale 10, I open them into V7 and the dims are microscopic, solution, alter all dims in V5 to space scale 1. I am told.

Though we never got told of this bug all these years so I have loads to do.

However I launch V7, go file new, select small object inches, this being a supplied default template, and go preferences annotations and I have a choice of inch decimal and inch fractional, I choose decimal, and model space scale is…10 !!!

What is going on ?

Is that right ?

this is un-meddled with, I have not made V7 model space 10, as I was told it should be 1 as v5 should have always been but was never fixed.

I was just about to test the apparent bug of text gap being not honoured when its starting me off with 10 !

Just what should this model space be and why is default 10 ?


If you print from Model space, the model space scale factor should be set to the scale factor you use when printing.

A given is we always model at actual size, and we print to scale.

The Model space scale factor is 10.0, resulting in an adjusted text height of 1.25.
Notice the Height in the Font section is 0.125, 10x smaller than the Adjusted text height above.

This lets you set annotation tools to the size you want them printed to the page, provided to set the scale setting above to the print scale you will be using. We just start with an assumption of 10 as a simple place holder.

Does that help?

see these.
V5 0.1inch named style was 0.1inch tall in model space and layout space. The model space was 10 for that style. the text height was 0.01inch giving 0.1inch in the 1:1 world. I model in 1:1 scale.
The new V7 also shows Model space scale 10, yet opening V5 sees the font vanish.

Pascal told me to alter Model space scale to 1 and height to 0.1, arrow lengths also x10, anything regarding size had to be x10.
I do that and V5 opens with dims readable.

However text gap of 0.018 x10 was 0.18, BUT V7 MAKES IT 0.2208 IT WONT HONOUR THE 0.18 ENTRY. same goes for other styles.

If I do this x10 on all size entries it opens looking like V5.

except as mentioned text gap WILL NOT BE RECOGNISED.

but if you are saying model space scale must remain 10, yet I am sure Pascal said its 1, V5 was wrong at 10,

I am totally bamboozled.

What should my V5 0.1inch tall names style feature as numbers, and should V7 be left at model space scale 10 for the font style I recreate in it.

I need to redo all the templates, as they are all MSC 10, or so I thought, so if I leave them as Model space scale 10, all is good, BUT my dims vanish.

so need to know what my dims styles numbers need to be altered by to solve this.

taking the image of 0.1inch named style as an example.

Its been this thats stopped me going over to V7, what a nightmare. why was V5 allowed to continue like this ?
but now it seems the styles are correct if MSC is 10.

It gave 0.1inch high fonts in model space scale and layout view, thats what I wanted.



Please someone,

RhinoV5 came with Model Space Scale (MSC) 10 and I went with that, to be told years later by Pascal its responsible for dims being microscopic in V7
If I alter dims styles for MSC in V5 to 1 all is ok, when file then opened into V7. all except for text gap which it will NOT HONOUR…
Pascal and Jeremy in

said make my V5 dims styles model space scale 1, so a text height 0.01 would then be edited to 0.1, arrow length 0.01 would be edited to 0.1 and so on.
I do this and now dims are visible in V7.

If I create a NEW file in V7 I see its model space scale is 10 !!!

furthermore to add to my bewilderment there is now an additional ‘adjusted text height’ 1.25

ye gods.

I want text 0.1inch tall, if I am in 1:1 scale as I wish to always work, I need model space scale 1 and text height 0.1, surely thats correct.
why do I have to work out what the height should be with a 1.25 factor to get 0.1inch tall ?
can I ignore that 1.254 inch as that aplied across many dim styles from V5 is going to be hell.

why cant we have model space scale 1 and text hight 0.1 for 0.1 inch tall text ?

here we go again. :weary:

If I leave it as that and open V5 into it, having altered V5 dims styles to MSC 1 whats going to happen ?

This is doing my head in.


  1. should I alter all dims styles of V5 to MSC 1 ? (it allows dims to be right size in V7)
  2. This means surely that V7 MSC is 1 yet a new file sees an inbuilt MSC as 10. just as V5 was. :weary:
  3. why is text gap not working as expected ? see images above.

so as to not be told for V8 that V7 had a bug and was set to MSC 10 !

just as I am being told V5 should not have been MSC10.

Having imported a mesh into V7 to start my use of V7 I have had to delete the file and exit V7 as I havent a clue on what dims styles should be set to in V7 and how to continue/bring in my dims from V5 with their now MSC 1 styles used in V5 giving 0.1inch tall text and text gap as was.

Hello - I am not sure I follow all the shouting but I think you might try making a template file with the setting each each way, make new models from each template and see which way you like it.


Having gone with default only to find whilst it worked for me it now causes my dims to vanish, I would, as asking , prefer to know what the settings should be to avoid further issues. Just what are folk using to get my basic goals below ?

In other words how should these settings be for a V7 user ?

In a new install of V7, choosing small objects feet, then file > properties >annotations, inch decimal, what should I be seeing as the ‘model space scale’ number ?..as I am seeing 10 !

All I want is to create 0.1inch tall text and dimension numbers in the construction planes, and also in A3 layout view over the top of deactivated detail panes.

And not find that when I open the project into V8 I cant see the dims !

Just what should these settings in V7…

Model Space Scale,

Adjusted text height,

enable model space scaling,

enable layout space scaling

be to achieve the following :-

V5 into V7

Open V5 file with its revised Model Space Scale styles to 1 …into V7 and see 0.1inch tall chars.

Be able to use my user created 0.1inch tall dimension style (Model Space Scale 1) in V5, opened into V7 in layout view A3 and create 0.1inch tall chars.

Have a detail pane of 1:1 scale in Layout view V7 and see the 0.1inch chars in the modelling environment show as 0.1inch tall on the A3 Layout view detail pane.

V7 new creation

Create new V7 style 0.1inch tall dimensions chars in V7 and see such in model space ?

This new 0.1inch tall chars style in V7, after being applied to objects in modelling area V7 . see them as 0.1inch tall when viewed in Layout View in detail pane 1:1 scale.

See the new V7 style as 0.1inch tall in Layout View when created over inactive panes.

All this as it happens in nice V5 !