Rhino is inherently bad at handling meshes true or false?

found it, was true, set to false, save and 1 sec, was 30 sec !

repeat save 1 sec was 30secs.

this needs flagging up. strewth what a difference.

Anything else I should know about, to make V7 kind ?

(my dims issue crying out for help, scale was 10, make 1, no keep as 10, but dims can’t see, still the barrier to starting V7)

Hope to solve this before needing to put dims into this mesh. else V5 here I come again.

In fact I am about to add dims and syill havent a clue on that model space scale and the text gap issue.

Now why is compression set to true if it takes forever to do.

what is the result, is rhe file type going to be huge ? seems to be same size.

I am running out of space on D drive with all this photogrammetry !

Holo, sending via wetransfer., need your email to do so, but cannot locate it.
Can you PM me with it ?