Text height dims in inches model is 10x indicated height in properties

Hi, V5
Chosen inches small object

text height dimensions shows as 0.125 yet it appears as 1.25inch.

arrow lengths also 10x indicated size as is extension offset.

I have drawn a 0.75inch diameter cylinder and it occupies 7.5 of my 0.1inch squares.

I have major lines for 10 of the minor, and minor set to 0.1 inch.
the object looks ok relative to the grid, just the dims are huge.

file attachedInches project dims x10 massive.3dm (68.0 KB)


Just opened your file and drew a one inch square came out at 1 inch and took ten of your squares. Your drawing is correct as far as I can see, a cylinder .75 inch would take up 7.5 of your minor lines as they are .100 apart from each other.

Unless I misunderstand I see nothing wrong here.

All my best … Danny

Opened the file. Text command. Set text height at 0.125. Typed text which is 0.125 high.

Steve, you have the ‘Model space scale’ set to 1:10.

Lopacki, yes agreed all is well as I found for object size.

Typed text 0.125inch entered is 0.125 inch tall, I didnt try that but that is beaving itself.

BrianM I went with what defaults come with V5.

Model space scale 1:10

why is it set to that and why does that only affect dims of Linear dimension as opposed to Annotations Text ?

I see my plan where I am using millimetres has 7mm tall dims and properties has 7mm for height so ok there, and Model scale is 1:1

Now I wasn’t aware of Model scale setting so why has Rhino different values ?