What setting makes text gap entry appear same in model space?


What setting in annotation styles makes the text gap entry I type in, be that which appears on model space ?

see attached,
a Rhino 7 file to show this.

text gap was 0.3 in properties and it gave 0.3733 on page.
By experimenting I now have it as 0.2267 and that gives the desired 0.3

its about 25% more than entered.

to fix the other dim styles I have , one might think follow a reduction of that amount. but no.

on a 0.2inch height dim, I get a different amount.

0.1 gap becomes 0.1293 so 29.3% more than entered.

Is there some setting I have overlooked contolling/making these entries differ in model space, (they were always bang on in v5)

I add some text and its 10x too large. I see text box dialog says Model space scale 10 !

My dims are 1. I am told Rhino V7 default model space scale is 1.

How do I open a Rhino V7 file and have all model spaces as 1:1 straight off the bat ?

Rhino V7 not honouring text gap entry.3dm (2.7 MB)



In absence of a setting that controls this being forthcoming,
I set about editing each one to see if there was a pattern to this.

There is no mathematical progression/logic that I can see for working out the text gap figure that needs entering in V7 so as to achieve the gap that was for a particular style in V5.

In other words if one wants a text gap of 0.18 in V7 one does not enter 0.18 in Rhino V7 …enter 0.136 !

If the correction factor was standard to all, it would be better but it isnt.

Here are the corrections involved to achieve the V5 gaps., retaining same dims and avoiding clashes.

File now saved as template V7n

attached. the template V7n with corrected leaders and text gaps.
Small Objects - Inches V7n SR6 MSS1.3dm (1.7 MB)

and template V7m prior the fixes.
Small Objects - Inches V7m SR6 MSS1.3dm (4.1 MB)

and the test file 4a should one wish to view it in V5 and open it into V7.
4a Rhino V5 created dims Model space scale MSS 1 values adjust to suit layouts.3dm (90.1 KB)

we see here the improvement of V7n matching V5 versus V7m


There isn’t one - if you expect the text gap to be the distance from the dim line to the baseline of the text (not unreasonable, that’s what it was in Rhino 5) then you will be disappointed. The measurement now appears to be to a point approx(?) mid way between the baseline and the descender. It may be that this is intentional, to reduce the likelihood of descenders cutting the dim line, or it may simply be a bug.

If you experiment with a variety of fonts you will find that they appear at different heights, probably because they have different descender lengths.

Edit: FWIW, probably a bug, as the Rhino 8 WIP treats the text gap the same way as R5.
@pascal, any chance R7 can be fixed so people, for whom the exact distance matters, don’t have to adjust their Annotation Styles in R7 to be compatible with R5 and then change them back again in R8?

Would that be the same file as you attached to your previous post? Because there is no file attached to the 2nd post.

files now attached.


Hi @jeremy5,
This is where Rhino 7 is currently.,

Unless it is an crash bug or something equally as hideos, Rhino 7 has reached the end of its development cycle. When issues like this get fixed so late in the game, there is inevitably someone who is not happy with the change and sometimes after added these late fixes, they get backed out again. .

Anyone not happy with Rhino 7 and text gap, can run the Rhino 8 WIP and see if they like it better there.
If they don’t like it in Rhino 8 WIP, get us details asap, while the feature is still being refined.
Rhino 7 is way past refinement, sorry to say.

Mary Ann Fugier

oh dear…
As its taken me 6 months and a good chunk of time getting Rhino V7 operational, I can either now start work and allow all the text gaps and other settings I have had to make in V7 make V5 files open without needing many changes making,

or start over again with V8, spend more time setting it up,
(do I have to manually alter properties all over again as was told to do in V7 ?..can I easily import all my toolbar custom buttons not have to remake them as I had to for V7 ? )

and never manage to create any new or existing Rhino work at this rate !
As its a WIP I dont want something still being tested, I need stability, not spending time sending out spotted bugs, and then waiting for fixes before continuing with a project.

I guess I will have to alter all the text gaps yet again when I run Rhino 8 and it adopts the correct way of honouring the entries for the gaps. Good 'ol V5.

It improves on (but doesnt solve) the poor curve display with twisted ribbon effect I am told., look fwd to that, shame new OpenGL has messed up what should be good looking curves in a CAD prog.

It works as V5 on text gaps again…good !

Is it better at meshes as V7 was my hope there, and its slow despite new powerful PC designed for Rhino, , Holo is testing I await results.

I will be working with meshes and need Rhino to cope, also to not display a screen of grey mush when moving a turned off mesh object. Can V8 do that ?

Just why V7 broke what worked is a shame. Why it wasnt fixed is .$£&^*% !!

If the only way to get something fixed is to be with the WIP, which can see one suffering bugs, when one has 6 months backlog to get through, and spending time flagging them up, and being inoperative waiting for a fix, thats not good practice.
I thought any Rhino user would be looked after when using a declared stable non WIP version. WIP’s and vital workflow dont always work together. I MUST GET OPERATIONAL AGAIN. 6 months of catching up to do.
and now my backs’s gone. unable to do anything much.

That an update to a functional version is not made is disappointing.

For me V7 is the declared functional version bugless. I should not have to enter buggy territory.
Advice in PC life was always never use latest OS, or program, avoid teething problems.

This is a bit like owning a Ford, parts always available when it goes wrong, whichit does, though in this instance one needs to get another car which the parts only fit. I owned a ford, forever at the garage, made to think it was par for the course of owning a car, then I bought a Mazda and never ever needed a repair.

Please can we have an update for text gaps for V7 ?

I am overcoming V5 which was incorrect for how dims should be, and find myself heading into creating incorrect settings to solve V7 then to undo them yet again for V8.

Honestly :rage:


And I await your reply so I can test, check your PM.

now replied, done back in, in agony


Ouch, done that too many times… finally found a way to release my psoas’ when I am on the edge and that helps me + a unique chiropractor when shit hits the fan. (I only know one who can help me and I have tried more than 10 different ones, so it’s not an easy fix)

Anyway, this might ease your pain a bit, I made an align meshes script for you to align scans.
You pick 3 points on the source mesh and 3 points on the target mesh, and the rest is done in the background.

MeshAlignHolo v1,01.py (2.6 KB)

It prompts you to check if you want to scale the source mesh. IF you have accurate scans from a laser scan then you don’t want to scale, but if they are of different scales then you want to scale it so they match.

The picking is done ON the mesh, not by snapping to vertices, so make sure you are not in wireframe. I chose that way since the scans will not have matching vertices.

Good luck and shout out if you find any bugs.