What is your Hobby?

Impressive. Very neat drawing. Mine are more sketchy and expressive except for ink and dotwork.


Mind-blowing stuff! I like the stippled one. It’s dark. :slight_smile:
Do you tattoo in similar style? Black and white realism?

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Yes, whipshading is my preference

… addicted to mountains, climbing, ski-touring, biking, sleeping in the tent, swimming in cold lakes at the mountains…
pics from Saturday at Pischa, a Mountain-Bike tour at Davos (2h from Zürich by train) …

kind regards from Zürich / Switzerland - tom


Here’s a photo of the Weissfluhjoch, I took two years ago, while skiing on the Parsenn mountain in Davos. :slight_smile:


Paragliding above Chamonix.

and Stubai Valley, Austria

and Beirut, Lebanon

And Slovenia …

Wyndham, Kimberley region, NW Australia

I can now understand where all my money went :slight_smile:



There’s another simple version I encountered:
Enjoy what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life… :grin:


My hobby is safe and inexpensive, designing and constructing scale ship models using paper as the main medium. More than 95% of what you see is paper…


You’re not a smoker, I take it.


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Good one Pascal. Never looked at it this way… no not a smoker…

That’s paper? amazing

WOW. Those look amazing!

I used to build plastic models, but never did paper - are these all scratch-builds, designed and built by you?

Any advice for someone who’s now interested in taking up this hobby?


Thanks guys. Yes it’s paper. Everything designed in Rhino of course…!
Couple of shots of early stages of one. For internal structure I use thick cardboard and laser cutting. Started cheating recently with 3d printed hull core. All outer skins and detail are done old ways with scissors and xacto blades… maybe not as safe as it looks after all…

With exception of couple of project published by HMV from Germany I’m doing it for my own relaxation. If you interested, their storefront: https://www.kartonmodellbau.de/


Quite impressive! How long (roughly) did it take you to build them?

Never really put the clock on my hobby but guessing I would say around 30-50 hours for small and less detailed and 200-300 for big and complex one. More when I have to do page layouts and assembly instructions for publisher.

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That’s pretty quick! Having built many models before, I can certainly appreciate the amount of effort it takes to put together models of this kind. Congrat!

Your models are remarkable regardless of the build material! Great work indeed.

Thank you for your kind comments. Rarely I post pictures of my hobby stuff to public forums. Since my own private island is something I can never afford this instead becomes my little refuge.
As for the hours involved, one medium size project can take 12 or more months so when I say 100-150 hours it’s a rough estimate which in reality might have been 200 or more.