Rhino made my childhood dream come true

My childhood dream was to be a robot pilot. It’s nice to be able to ride a bike now. Although imaginary, Rhino is making my childhood dream come true.

Rhino 7 NURBS.


Impressive! :star_struck:

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Holy mousepad, @11150 - that’s excellent. Incredible details in those renderings! Well done!

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diff-arch, Thank you~

Jakob Normand, It was so much fun I couldn’t stop modeling. There is still more detail work to be done, but I will stop here for now. Thanks for the comment.

more amazing work!! you are legend!!


You’re welcome! It’s much deserved. I don’t like the title though, should be “Through hard work, blazing passion, and incessant persistence, I made my childhood dream come true (and Rhino enabled me)”. :smiley:


That looks very good. With what did you render this with?

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Kyle Houchens, I am very grateful and ashamed that a professional like you compliments me. In the future, I hope that we can talk to each other with the Rhino results.and I will also be moved by your work. Thank you so much.

diff-arch, Your writing impresses me more than the Rhino model I made. Thank you. I wanted to express my gratitude for being in debt to Rhino. ^^ I look forward to your wonderful design work with Rhino.

Nathan ‘jesterKing’ Letwory, Thank you so much. I used Maxwell render for this project. Please understand that this is a Rhino forum and I didn’t mention the renderer.

We are always interested in what you render with- maxwell is a respected rhino plug in and as such please feel free to share anything you do with it and rhino. Jd Hill is a longtime friend of Mcneel and is now working on Bella, but was the man behind getting maxwell and rhino to work so well together.

Thanks for sharing your work, you should be very proud!

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As @theoutside mentions we are always interested in the used render engines. Feel free to use tags to make that clear. You’ll find that many gallery posts have that.

You are free to use whichever render engine works best for you, and mention that as well :slight_smile:

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wonderful work!

you definitively had those cars that you can transform to robots in your childhood, right?

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Fantastic @11150! Stellar surface modeling indeed and a beautiful render :slight_smile:

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any tutorials to make models and things like this??

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Start with something simple, like a teapot, a car tire, etc. - there are free tutorials for that online - and gradually increase difficulty. Tutorials can show you how to do technical stuff, however only experience can lead to mastery.
It’s also not enough to be good at Rhino, but you need to develop an eye for design to come up with something like this.

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Excellent modelling !

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to diff-arch
당신의 생각을 100프로 존중합니다.
I’m respect your opinion 100%.

to Loscertales lgnacio
If you have fun modeling while building up the basics one by one,
One day, several users can hear a comment on the praise.
I think it will be possible to implement the modeling of a beautiful and fantastic.

to 11150
What 's wonderful modeling and rendering 11150~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow…it’s so cool.

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