Showcase your best Rhino creations here

Wishing to see what the maestros can create with Rhino, just wondered if such creators might wish to show off their end results they are most proud of here, especially given the amount of effort involved at times in such creations, give us all something to aim for and admire :smiley:
files or jpgs etc.
Also a good Rhino selling gallery to point budding users and potential buyers to.

Might be worth pinning if it proves popular and useful.


Answering my own post, I now find a Gallery category, so point those reading this to there instead !

I search on aircraft there and find nothing though.



Hi Pascal, Yes :grin:, as per my reply…
but I also wish to see some aircrafty type things personally :grin:
it says Category :46 whatever that is,
I will enjoy this gallery even with their absence, maybe Jim might have some to show, stunning work .


Here’s my 2 cents worth in the aircraft dept. - Macchi MC 72, early 30s…



I thought this gallery got sent here.

heh… that reminds me of something i was messing around with once… maybe i’ll revisit eventually. ; )

from Oblivion …some progress renders:

[edit] not on topic with ‘best rhino creations’.
just on topic about ‘aircraft type things’


Here is an aircrafty type job - cowling for an Edge race plane.

First the sketchy client brief, then the dining table to decipher the brief, then the model followed up with a jig to see if we’re on the right track before manufacture…


haha ok this is hardly an aircraft but its certainly dropped from aircraft lol. i am no pro modeller either and only use rhino at a hobby level. i did a little history research on this gp-100 bomb and modeled all the parts in rhino, 3d printed all the parts, assembled and painted it.

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Wow, all v interesting and well done to you all.
Is there an aviation section to the gallery or does one search on keyword ‘aircraft’ ?

Where did that seaplane come in the schneider races, if it took part ? looks fast.

Do I detect an interest in planes Pascal ?

3D printed that bomb, ?..what full size ?..I cant believe given the size of such it can fit onto a 3D print bed, let alone be affordable. What company did that ?

what machine process ?, what cost ?
and the image looks like flamingo etc, not real, is that it on your real wooden floor ?

How did you paint the stencilling on etc ?

Blown me away… (couldnt resist that pun :grin:!)


haha, it is 3/4 scale so about 32" long. i modeled it in pieces so it can be assembled like a model. i 3d printed it all myself on a Makergear M2. the picture is not a rendering. that is the actual 3d printed part that i primed and painted by hand, sitting on an old table in my living room. its all automotive paint. the lettering is all paint as well. that was laid out in CoredDraw and cut in vinyl spray mask on my vinyl cutter. all the faux finishing was airbrushed in then a matte clear coat was applied over everything. the only thing that is actually real metal is the shaft which is 3/8 stainless rod and the aluminum rivets. the thing actually made quite a stir for awhile because did an article on it and the headline was “New Jersey man makes 3D printed Bomb”. you can imagine in this day and age how that went over lol. for 3 weeks i had people emailing and calling me from one end of the country to the other. Ordnance People from the fed govt, police chiefs, you name it.

It did not run in the Schneider race - engine problems or something - Wikipedia can tell you. It was fast though when it did run - it set a speed record at the time which still stands (for piston engined seaplanes) I think.


Pascal, just a one off a/c model for you maybe, nice job indeed. The spitfire might have an engine problem to thank for its development with Mitchell winning the race then !

To get that printed and pay for it , aren’t you lucky having access to tools I wish I had.
I bet the police thought you might have access to the real thing, stashed away somewhere.

Did you print the body in cylindrical sections then glue together or as one long item ?


the cone was 1 piece, tip another, the main body was printed in about 7" long sections. total i think there were 18 pieces all glued together like building a model airplane or car.

Expensive on a bureau service machine though.
I would like to see a 3/4 scale bomber now to go with it ! :grin:

Id say this is my best so far,…Rhino+Vsr+vray for rhino + photoshop,…

Awesome, :astonished:speechless in fact, well done, absolute craftsmanship, would love to see a tutorial on that.
Now can anyone better that, I want one :grin:
I spot another stunner Tracktoy concept,
then see its you.
truly fantastic, might I suggest you contact a calendar manufacturer, also race sim company, also get those images onto Alamy, money sources all ways there.


MacRhino WIP Model #3

I finished this some time ago, but never did anything with it. So I decided to re-create the intro scenes to Toy Story 2. This is my third rendition of my namesake. I created him ages ago in SWIVEL Pro., then Maya (Ugh) and now MacRhino. By far, Rhino is the most capable and user friendly. My first two Rhino models were pretty simple, and Buzz presented many more challenges. In the process, I do have some questions for McNeel.

  1. I’ve never seen a modeler that doesn’t use a coordinate axis where Z is either + or - into the screen. It’s pretty disorientating…, is there a way to flip the axis in the preferences? (i.e., change the World Axis so the front plane of the monitor is X (horizontal)-Y (vertical)?)

  2. Is there an export option to subdivide an object along a particular axis (or only within a particular region of a model) to allow for smoother deformations in an external animation package?

  3. Is there a way to paste colors? It takes 5 mouse clicks to assign a color to a new object. (1-Select object, 2-3 Display Color - Custom, 4-Click color chip, 5-select color in color pallet, 6 optional-Close color pallet) Is it possible to just allow the color picker window to remain open, and click on an object, and click on a color in the color pallet to update it’s color instantly? (It would save a lot of time. Maybe I’m just doing something dumb here…)

  4. Finally, there was a problem with the original release of MacRhino that didn’t allow the pallets to open on a second monitor. (They all opened on the primary monitor on top of the 4-views. Has this been corrected so that the preferences file now remembers to open the tool windows on a second monitor?)

Thanks for any input!