What is this?

Hi there,

I have strange lines in my model, why and how to delete them.

I have used the next operations to create the solid:

  1. I have use 2 curves with a sweep 1 rail
  2. I have exploded the polysurfaces created
  3. I have deleted some surfaces and add the missing rectangle surfaces
  4. I have join all surfaces
  5. I have cap the bottom hole.

I this the correct way ?


post your file please, otherwise it’s difficult to help you.

The problem is most likely because of the radius of your rail curve equals the width of your section.

I would try to make sure the radius on the section is larger, that way you have a 4 sided corner surface. On the screenshot below, the left corner surfaces are three sided, the right ones are 4 sided.

Let’s say you offset this surface and wanted to fillet that 90° inside edge or another edge that starts/ends in this corner, you will likely run into problems. Therefore I try to avoid surfaces like your 3 sided corner.

PS: Quad remeshing results in a nice object:

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Hi Jerome - does the artifact show up in any but the Technical/Pen/Artisitc diaply modes?