Rhino Strange surface clipping

Hi there!

I am currently working on a 3d model of a house called ‘malator’ as part of a project for my studies. However, i have come across a weird problem that i cannot find any information on:

When i used booleandifference to create a hole in a straight section of a closed polysurface, one half of the surface starts showing a weird kind of clipping surface (as shown here: https://gyazo.com/3ee7049176f499bd050bbbc8cc2a1725 , and here more clearly: https://gyazo.com/52388757948502d65f8c507c4fccd2de)

However when i select the objects the lines itself seem to be fine (

The strange thing to me is not only that it happens but also that the object should be symmetrical and it only happens on one side.

Does anyobody know what this is, how to remove it and how to prevent it in the future?

Many thanks!

Bump, really need help please!

This is a meshing artifact, maybe caused by a poor trim curve. Hard to give you an exact remedy without your posting the file here, changing your meshing settings might make it go away, but otherwise some rebuild or adjustment of your geometry might be necessary.

You can upload files and images here, just drag and drop them into your post window or use the upload icon.

Check the MeshFaq for adjusting meshing settings.


Thanks a lot! I will be able to fix it myself with this adv ice i think!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The quickest fix is to select the geometry. On the Properties→Render Mesh Settings, select Custom Mesh and crank up the slider.