What is the purpose of "void" component RiR?

hi all, I can not understand the meaning of the component “void” Rhino.inside.revit. Its output is brep, same as the input. Is there a way to make revit void ? (not the void family). Thanks!!!


Hi Vu, The Component Family Void is for creating Family Void Elements.

What are you trying to Cut?

For Walls and Floors you can use the Opening Components


Here’s a nice example of using Voids in Families

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Hi @Japhy is it possible to subtract a void to a wall? I was thinking to use the component family void because the opening is circular.


Any reason not to use a circular opening cut window?

Yes, I think I could also insert a circular window… but i should modify also for example the radius of an existing family. Do you think it is the easiest way to do it?

Here’s an quick example of adding a ‘opening’ at piping locations in a wall and setting the diameter of the opening per each pipe diameter.

This could be done a lot better, just a rough example.

RE_window_as_Opening_Revit2022.1.rvt (1.7 MB)
RE_Window_As_Opening.gh (14.0 KB)

Hi @Japhy, if I want to proceed with a window opening, modifying the radius parameter, could it be this the correct way? Sorry to bother you, I m quite new to this plugin.

its a little off.

This is an instance parameter or type parameter?

If it’s a instance parameter you will want to change the Elements in the projects (here gathered by the a Family Filter)

If it’s a Type Parameter you will want to modify the type.

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