Join and cut revit elements

Is there any component to apply join or cut between Revit elements?

Hi Ar00302,

Here are a couple examples…

So if i want to join two walls, I should deconstruct one wall as geometry, create void from that geometry and cut the other wall?

Join / Cut operations performed by the UI are pretty specific (user selects in a particular order) and not generally done programmatically.

There is a feature request for this capability as well as several scripts available.

There exist some Revit plugins that makes massive joins in a particular order. E.g I want all the beams to Join with all the walls. And you can select which element will have priority.The operation will take place only where the elements intersect or touch. Because the join command not only remove geometry for interesting objects but also remove the visibility of the edges between two objects that touch each other.

I have a hard time picturing the workflow and aligning that with what is available in the Revit APi for removing edges per view.

How are they organizing the matchups? Do you have a link? Thanks

This is free

There are many of these here:

Thanks, the good dimensioning plugins are similar, where a configuration interface precedes the actual action.

The feature request we have covers the category aspect but i’ll add in the additional options.

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