Rhino Inside Revit: Placing Face Based Void Families

Hello everyone, is there a way to do what’s in the video I’ve posted using RIR? I’ve tried using the family components in RIR but I don’t know how to do this specific one. I believe thhe void form component can’t do what the video does because it’s supposed to be added along the geometry input of New Family Component. I also tried loading a void Family Component I made natively but made no progress in grasshopper.

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Same problem…

So these are Generic Models. There was a similar discussion below.:point_down:

Follow the tutorial and create the opening family. Then you can place it using Add Component (Location) node.

Please see the 1.6 release notes for some new components

  • Added Opening + v1.6 parameter
  • Added Add Shaft Opening + v1.6 component
  • Added Add Wall Opening + v1.6 component
  • Added Opening Boundary Profile + v1.6 component

Where can we find this version? Is it beta? Do we need to install WIP?

In the options your can select the Public, Release Candidate or Daily Build.



Thanks @Japhy

got it.