Bulk generic model void


Guys, in my current project i need to algorithmically calculate some panels in rhino ( grasshopper ) and place them into revit via rhino.inside. I did that part but because of the weird geometry i need to place on ends of the panels can’t be 90 degrees to rest of it, it needs to be cut. I feel like i can do it via grasshopper and automatically cut with voids. Unfortunately I can’t share projecet photos so I’m try to draw som stuff :). If you have an idea about what can i do i can model some example projects.

Hi Gurkan, Check out these threads and see if there is something that resembles your workflow.


Most notably this one How to handle a brick screen consisting of several Rhino blocks - #4 by M.Tarabishy

I tried the script from second link you sent and got this error: 1. The element is not a family instance with an unattached void that can cut.
Parameter name: cuttingInstance

I didn’t get it. Do you know what this means?

Not seeing it here

It means that your void family does not contain a void, or the void you have inside the family is already joined inside the family.

Please refer to below blog about family voids cutting project geometry… “The void in the family must not be cutting anything in the family”

If that is not the case on your side please let us know.