What are the meanings of terms(N, Mt, M1, M2, etc) in value list for "1D element result view" node? (Kiwi3D)

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I really want to know what all of these abbreviations mean. I couldn’t find any explanatory documentation.
Here is a screenshot with them.

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That is a Value List component so the values are user-defined and can mean anything.

P.S. They are labels that usually have numeric values associated with them. You can double-click the Value List component to see what value it generates for each label, or connect a text panel to see the same thing, one label at a time.



Hey, this are basically the results for a beam/cable:
N- normal force
M1- Moment that generates tension/comression on the side of the axis
M2- Moment that generates tension/compression perpendicular to the axis
Mt - Torsional moment
V1/V2 - respective shear forces
N stress- normal stress derived from N and crosssectiional area
Shear stress - shear stress derived from the shear force assuming a rectangular cross section
v Mises stress- von Misess stresses on the top of the beam
utilzation - vMises/ fy(defined in material
Cross section- cross section orientation by vector


Thank you so much @anna_kiwi3d !

Thank you so much @Joseph_Oster. It helped a lot.