Types of evaluation in 2D Element Result and ShellForces


I have a question about the list of the types of evaluation in 2D Element Result Colour Plot and ShellForces in Kiwi3D. What are the full name of the evaluation and where can I find more information about them? For example, M1, M2, and M12 are types of shell or type of evaluation?


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Hi Bo,
basically you can choose between displacements, forces and stresses. For different types of 2d elements (shell and membrane) different results can be plotted (e.g. a membrane element will not provide moments).
The options to choose from read as followed:
N = normal forces in local element directions 1 and 2
P_N = principal normal force
M = moment
V = shear force
von_Mises = von Mises stress including N, M and V

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Thank you so much for the information. This is very helpful! I may have a follow up question later on.

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Hi, I have a question, in which of those categories can I see the material stress depending on color?


the colour plot is generated with the component “2DElementsResultColourPlot”. The results (except the von Mises stresses) are integrated over the thickness. Since constant thickness is assumed, you can divide the result values by the thickness in order to get the stress values. The colour plot stays the same.