Analysis Unit

Hi Kiwi 3D Team,

I have a question regarding the unit in kiwi 3D, is the plug-in using the metric system by the default? I assumed it is using the metric system, but I will like to confirm with you guys.



Kiwi is without predetermined units. You have to define your own unit for length and force, as e.g. m and kN. But also other units as e.g. inches are valid. However, you have to be aware that the units of other variables such as the Young’s modulus are defined by your choice of units:
L[m], F[kN] --> E[kN/m²], Moments [kNm], …
So you have to take care that all of them are matching.

Okay a lot. That makes sense. Can I assume the kiwi unit is associated with the Rhino unit? So I don’t need to define the unit in grasshopper, is that correct?

Using the units from Rhino is probably the best but it is not related. So even if Rhino is in inches, a curve with the length 1 can be 1m in the Kiwimodel. It is up to you. You have to define it for yourself but not in the plugin or Rhino or Grasshopper.