Values of structural analysis for meshes and points in Kiwi3D

How can I get the real values for the stresses and displacements associated with the meshes and points in Kiwi 3D? I can see that in the .txt file that will be generated with the analysis all the information existed. But can I call back this information using one of the Kiwi3D components for reading results? I am trying to dispatch mesh faces based on these results and need actual data to do this.

My other question is how can I keep the mesh faces subdivision as it is during the analysis and form-finding process? It seems that even with the refinement setting of 1, the faces will be subdivided automatically.

Thank you for your help

Hey, do you mean the results on the control points? Only displacements are attached to them as these are the degrees of freedom. They can be measured by the difference of the deformed and underformed control point nets/polygons. The “real” values of the structure can be displayed by 2d/1d element results component. It returns the value of the chosen results and its location. The mesh that is returned by the component is not the mesh for the computation but for visualization. It is created based on the result points.

If all values, so PQUV, are set to 1, there should not be any changes in the mesh/isolines. Kiwi is only added points to periodic NURBS surfaces/curves as it cannot simulate with the periodic ones. But there is a notification on that.