Weird display issue in shaded mode on surfaces

I am experiencing a display issue in Rhino 6 that is driving us crazy. We often swivel around with the camera low to surfaces to capture a human-eye view and we see this distracting pinched reflection. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is it possible to fix?

Hello - that was reported by @DanBayn as well and so far I do not see this - I’m sure it’s easy to reproduce but I’m not getting it either perspective or parallel views - can you save out that little man and the surface and the view you have there an post it? Also I suppose you should export the display mode as an ini file and attach that as well.



RhinoDisplaySettings.ini (137.3 KB)
RhinoFileDisplaytest.3dm (108.4 KB)

Here you go!

Thanks - yep it happens here just opening the file - - looks like the camera needs to be looking parallel to the plane or slightly up.

@DanBayn - I guess this is the same thing as you show in your post…


Yes, looks like the same issue. You can see two of those anomalies on a cylindrical model.

Now, that I do not see yet here in any view so far… I get the expected fuzzy horizon line,


This is SR8, FWIW.