Getting used to Rhino 6 view port question

I’m getting up to speed with Rhino 6 and have run into a small problem. In the perspective viewport I’m getting lines indicating which projection I’m using, how do i turn them off?

Hello - I’m not sure what you mean - can you post a screen shot?


It seems it may be the original file was not a native Rhino file and somehow in the conversion this anomaly popped up. In the perspective window I was getting three lines converging at the vanishing point if I was using perspective mode, two lines if in parallel mode and one line in two point. Also I was in rendered display but it happened in shaded view. I thought I may have turned on a feature by accident but I couldn’t find any reference to help me located the feature. I’ve attached a screen shot of the line I’m referring to

Hm - weird - are these lines actual geometry in the file? Can you send us the file, either post it here or send to to my (Pascal) attention. I’ll take a look.


I can’t send the file. The lines aren’t geometry, can’t select them and I haven’t seen them show up in any other file we get from the client. The original file wasn’t a Rhino file but converted from .stp. It doesn’t cause any problems, just annoying. I checked Rhino 5 and it is there also.

I guess the obvious would be to see if you have any locked objects or layers… If not -

Have you tried _SelBadObjects to see if any surfaces/polysurfaces show up as bad? If you can’t select them, the “lines” you see may be bad surfaces, render meshes or something else…

Another thing to try is to explode everything and run RebuildEdges on all the surfaces and see if any artifacts (if they are such) go away… If so, then try joining things back up part by part…

OK, solved the problem. The original file contained a circle with a dia. of 6.7 BILLION INCH. The origin was a near infinity. This was in the original file but so far from the model I was using that I missed it. It wasn’t a Rhino glitch after all.

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